Example's talk

How to create a talk with slidesk

Slide 1

A Slide is define by a line which starts with 2 '#' and a space after

Inclusion of file to structurate your file like your talk

A line which begins with this below syntax


will include the content of the file

It works with other file types.

Syntaxic words

The TFS, for slidesk Syntax, allows to change the font style

A word/phrase wrapped by "__" will display in italic.

An italic word can be in a phrase

Wrapped with a "**" will display in bold


Wrapped with a "``" will display as code


Wrapped with a "˜˜" will display as underlined


Wrapped with a "==" will display as line through

line through

Wrapped with a "$" will allow you to internationalize your presentation

My variable is in the language we want


With a `!image(path of your image)` at the beginning of a line will display


Notes for speakers

With conventional comments "/*" end "*/", you can write your speaker note for each slide



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